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Unlocking the Potential of AI in Independent Study

  See  this great list  of videos, resources and tools to help Independent Study leaders and educators effectively integrate AI tools and ChatGPT into your schools today
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50 ChatGPT Prompts for Teachers

50 ChatGPT Prompts for Teachers See this great list of 50 ChatGPT prompts from the Teaching Channel

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CCIS Presentation- ChatGPT Modes and Prompts

  Prompts from the presentation Write a poem about the life cycle of a cell in the style of Taylor Swift. What if I was Eminem? Create list of 5 minute writing prompts for 10th grade independent study students for 36 weeks Draft a back to school letter for independent study high school students at Visions In Education Translate to Spanish Lesson for 11th grade student to analyze character development in I Am Malala with a 6th grade reading level Write a scene where Harry Potter has been teleported into the writers' room of "The Office" sitcom. Help me with practice interview question as if I am high school student interviewing at Subway. Pretend I am an independent study high school student having a conversation with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What would it sound like? Provide feedback on this essay for a 10th grade independent study student as if I am the teacher Summarize the key points from Chapter 1 of Professional Learning Communities at Work Fun activity to prepare

How to detect if a student is cheating with AI?

  Essential Considerations for Addressing the Possibility of AI-Driven Cheating Dr. TorreyTrust Article Banning AI chatbots can exacerbate the digital divide . Banning the use of technology for exams can create an inaccessible, discriminatory learning experience . AI text detectors are not meant to be used to catch students cheating. Redesigning academic integrity statements is essential. Students need opportunities to learn  with  and  about  AI .

ChatGPT Resources for Independent Study Educators

  Five fun ideas to help you get started using ChatGPT with IS students Virtual Office Hours Assistant: Use ChatGPT to create a virtual assistant that can answer common student questions during virtual office hours. This could include inquiries about assignments, clarifications on lessons, or even providing additional resources related to the subject matter. Writing Prompt Generator: Develop a ChatGPT-powered writing prompt generator. Students can input a topic, and ChatGPT can generate thought-provoking prompts to inspire creative writing assignments, essays, or research projects. Subject-Specific Q&A Forum : Set up a ChatGPT-based Q&A forum where students can ask questions related to the subject being studied. ChatGPT can provide answers, explanations, and resources, promoting collaborative learning among students. Study Group Facilitator : Have ChatGPT facilitate virtual study groups. It can keep track of discussion topics, suggest study resources, and even guide students t